The Status of Shamanic QDM

At our camp, we have no particular standards. This is the first year we will all be adults– my youngest turned 16. I think it is rather goofy to have kids passing on less than ideal deer unless they choose to do so. I know there is a lot of stuff out there about QDM … Continue reading

Developments– Food Plots and Jagede Hutte II

We got to deer camp Friday night and did not even bother to open the doors. Instead, we immediately rolled out into the field to check on the food plots. I’d planted over Memorial Day weekend. In the interim, the farm has been soaked repeatedly. The results were fantastic! In two weeks, both the sunflower/milo/clover … Continue reading

We return you now to our regularly scheduled program. . .

If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll get into the serious hunting stuff. It’s not like a crawled in a hole at the end of turkey season. A couple of y’all have e-mailed me wondering where I’ve been. You have to remember that being a father is not all about sitting in a buddy stand … Continue reading

Deer Hunters: Time to Start Thinking Salt

Now, right about turkey season, is a good time to start thinking about putting out your salt if you haven’t started putting one in already. I have action at mine, hitting the leftovers from last year. I don’t use salt blocks. I use bags of rock salt and use one bag per lick. Dig up … Continue reading