Venison Roast

I finally got around to copying KYHillChick’s Elizabethan recipe for roasted venison. Supposedly this was Henry VIII’s favorite meal. Suggested Readings: Henry VIII’s Favorite Dish — Venison Roast I was discussing venison with a co-worker, and I mentioned KYHillChick’s recipe for venison roast.  I realized when I went to send her a link… Taking the … Continue reading

HooHash Recipe

You remember Dr. Suess, right? My kids always wanted to know what was in HooHash. I used to tell them: first you start with a freshly cleaned hoo. . . Finally, I had to divulge my recipe: 1 15oz Can Corned Beef Hash1 lb venison sausage (venison/pork)Salt and Pepper to taste– I usually throw in … Continue reading

Recipe Corner

I just found a site that’s great for recipes: They have numerous venison recipes. I’ve also taken a lot of beef recipes and substituted venison. That usually works. Here’s our latest attempt. It was awesome: Cracked Black Venison The other source of venison recipes that we’ve adopted is Kate Fidducia’s Cooking Wild in Kate’s … Continue reading