Mooselette Goes Turkey Hunting

Well, sort of. Mooselette, my #1 granddaughter made it out to turkey camp with her daddy, Moose. We had a chance to go out to the Honey Hole and listen to the gobblers and hens at flydown. It was below freezing, so I brought along an arctic sleeping bag for her to crawl into. Afterwards, … Continue reading

Mooselette and the Turkey

My #1 Granddaughter, Mooselette, is turning 4 this week. She came over to the house for an indoor campout over the weekend. I put her tent up in the family room, built a fire in the fireplace, and found some good night noises on Youtube. For activities, we took a trip out to Southern Ohio … Continue reading

A Bit of Backstory: The 870 That Wouldn’t

If you listen carefully to the as-yet unreleased podcast of Angus’ hunt, you will here him mention that his shotgun functioned perfectly.  That was a huge thing for Angus and I– much bigger than you probably know. Back when I was out of work, I had an old boss that looked me up. He was … Continue reading