Hunter Evolution

It’s getting on towards deer season. It is less than a month until the Muzzleloader Opener, and I am feeling less than exuberant. This is going to be a watershed year. Angus announced that he is not going out for smokepole season for the first time. Moose has been missing from October Camp for some … Continue reading

The Zen Garden

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything about the spiritual aspects of deer hunting. Frankly, I have been bogged down so much in the nuts and bolts of things like lead casting and such I have not had a chance to spend the time to really formulate what I needed to say. … Continue reading

Life with O.P.

Of course you know about my buddy O.T., the old turkey hunter that runs the mower shop and his brother O.D. the expert deer hunter that holds court at the store in Browningsville. The brother I met first,however, was O.P. , the baby of the bunch. O.P. has a trailer up the road on the … Continue reading

The Status of Shamanic QDM

At our camp, we have no particular standards. This is the first year we will all be adults– my youngest turned 16. I think it is rather goofy to have kids passing on less than ideal deer unless they choose to do so. I know there is a lot of stuff out there about QDM … Continue reading

Personal Ethics in Turkey Hunting

It’s funny about turkey hunting. However, when I wrote The Role of Personal Ethics in Hunting , I was wearing my deer hunting hat. Now it is getting on towards turkey season, and I went back and read it again, and I realized there were a lot of things that had reversed themselves in my … Continue reading

The Role of Personal Ethics in Hunting

It seems that every time I go and knock Ted Nugent, I get blasted for being un-American, against the sport of hunting, and a general waste of good air.  So when I decided to comment on Ted’s latest missive on D&DH  Ethics Shmethics, I figured it was time to take a new tack.   In order … Continue reading

Is it Ethical To Hunt?

From D&DH Forum Everyday Hunter asks:    Is it a moral decision to hunt or not to hunt?  Let’s get philosophical. I recently re-read an article in Sports Illustrated (Nov. 24, 2008) on the decline of hunting. It ended with this sentence: “Wolves do not make moral decisions, he decided. They just hunt.” So, if … Continue reading