The Big Book of Gun Gack

I spent Saturday reading in John Barsness’s book, The Big Book of Gun Gack.  You have probably read the author, he’s published in a heck of a lot of magazines, and he’s got a slew of good books on  This one is a collection of articles about a select bunch of rifle cartridges for … Continue reading

Going Progressive — A final assessment

I just finished up my last major session with the Hornady Lock n Load Auto-Progressive before turning to my deer hunting loads. I thought I would give y’all an update. My goal over the summer was to start with 9mm to get my feet wet, switch to 357 Magnum and then finish off with 223 … Continue reading

A Quick Update on the Press

First off, I want to let you know I have a growing admiration for the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive press. The naysayers complaints just have not panned out. Based on others’ comparisons to the Dillon 650, about the worst thing I can say about it, in my experience, is that that it has a red … Continue reading

Eight weeks and Counting

I just watched the countdown timer cross the 8-week mark. It’s now exactly 2 months to the start of Kentucky’s Modern Weapons Season.  I stayed home from the farm overnight. It was going to be hot and muggy and thunderstorms have been moving through since sundown Friday. I’ve been busy down in the shamanic reloading … Continue reading

Wringing out the Ruger American Predator

I was out shooting with my new Ruger American Predator in 223 REM. Overall, I impressed with a lot of things. There are a few flaws, but they are minor. I am also very happy with the Bushnell Banner 6-24X40mm scope I mounted on it. My only beef is that this is not a rifle … Continue reading

I’ve Been Busy in the Reloading Cave

I realize y’all have not been hearing much from me lately. Frankly, until this weekend, there was not a whole lot to tell. We stayed home from Turkey Camp again this weekend. It rained yesterday and it was cold. Angus and I got down to open up Turkey Camp in mid-February. The Wheel of Death … Continue reading

Now THAT was 8lbs of Powder!

I just purchased an 8 lb container of H4895. When I went looking, Brownells had the best price I could find: $210.44 delivered. Brownell’s cancelled the order right after I placed it. I guess somebody finally got around to looking on the shelf and realized they were out. Graf’s was only $10 more. It replaces … Continue reading

The Bug is Starting to Hit

It is still only the first week in August, but I am already getting ready for deer season. Two new treestands arrived from These buddy stands cost less than $90 each and by rejoining the Buyers’ Club, I got the shipping for free. I’ll be scouting for new stand sites when I get back … Continue reading