Requiem for a Remington 742

It was always a quirky rifle, but dropping out the trigger group and giving it a good cleaning always seemed to get it going again. I’ve probably been prolonging the inevitable. No matter what, I always tried to hunt a couple of days each season with it. It kept me close to my old hunting … Continue reading

Dennis comes to town; Shaman hits the bench.

Hurricane Dennis hit the Ohio Valley in a way that reminded me of one those interminable groupies from my days running the Black Hole Coffee House. Sluggish, bloated, Dennis moved in and never left. After putting up with him for a week now, it seems he will never leave. Day after day, we wake up … Continue reading

Hey! I resemble that remark!

sassafrastea over at writes as follows: ——————————————————————————– The last two nights, JUST before dark (around 5:45), I have heard rifle shots close to home. Both times there were 3 shots fired in close succession, three shots in less than half a minute. Also heard the same gunfire opening day (Sat morning at the crack … Continue reading