Observations on Daylight Savings Time and Turkeys

I’m back in from the morning’s activities. My goodness! You would have not believed the difference a day can make. Yesterday there were only two gobblers active, both well off the boundaries of the test area. This morning? Let me give you some stats: 1) The gobblers went active 50 minutes later this morning. That’s … Continue reading

Turkey Hunting and Daylight Savings Time

As you may know, I just love pulling this prank every year. The change to Daylight Savings time comes around, and I try to get as many people on the hook as possible. I just started a thread over at Turkey & Turkey Hunting Forum: http://www.turkeyandturkeyhunting.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8601 Please log in and give your most over-the-top description … Continue reading

DST — More on this Deer Hunting Bugaboo

As you know, I have been examining the effects of Daylight Savings Time (DST)  on sport of deer hunting– especially the effects on the deer themselves. This year, I have been conducting expanded experiments at the D&DH Pro-Staffer facility near Browningsville, KY. Three identical plots were created, each filled with a combination of ladino clover … Continue reading

EVEN MORE!!! -on the DST and DEER

Check this out on 24hourcampfire.com Daylight Saving and the effect on White tail!! swoosh23 New Member This weekend I was informed by a fellow hunt club member that we would be at a real big advantage on todays (sunday) hunt because the deer would be off thier normal pattern by a hour due to day … Continue reading

More on DST and Deer

Woods Walker said: What….no scent-loc version??? And that green camo…..now THAT’S a joke! By the time the clock change occurs, most of the green is out of the woods in most areas. You need to have one in Realbush “Last Week Of October” pattern, so that it “blends” with the woods. Our scientific studies showed … Continue reading

The Shaman Presents the Anti-DST Clock for Deer

NOW! The shaman presents! The Shamanic Camo Clock! Just $48.95 Place this revolutionary clock in front of your stand and set it to daylight savings time to reassure the deer that nothing is wrong. Scientific studies show that this clock, when used in conjunction with a proven scent control plan ( included absolutely free), will … Continue reading