Hollywood is Done!

I spent Saturday morning putting the finishing touches on the tower blind at Hollywood. This is going to sound a little mincy, but I wanted to give you the particulars on how I “decorated” the stand.  There is a panorama shot in the slideshow showing all the way around the inside  of the blind. Some … Continue reading

More Work on the Stands

Supercore and I were back at it this weekend, working on upgrading his blind at S-10 and finishing off Hollywood. S-10 got some sides manufactured from the fence pickets we salvaged this spring. Hollywood is all but done. I put the railing up Saturday afternoon and then nailed the floor down Sunday. All that’s left … Continue reading

Ladder Stand Renovations

The treestands at camp are in need of some long-overdue PM.   Virginia is getting downright unsafe. Campground had a cracked weld.  The rest are just showing the ravaged of time and rust.  The last time I set one of these Hunters View Buddy Stands into a tree, George W. Bush was president and Hunters View … Continue reading

The Shaman Bags an 8-Pointer in KY Rifle

One last little coda in all this: when I went to retrieve the rest of my gear back at the stand, the doe that had been hanging out all weekend had bedded only about 10 yards away from the ladder. She rose up and started to run.

“Don’t worry.” I said. “You’re fine. I’ve got my business to do, and you have yours. I’ll get on to mine, and you go have a nice day.” I guess she had decided to figure out exactly what had been chattering at her from the stand all weekend, and camped out there determined to have an answer. Fully satisfied, she took my admonition to heart and walked off.

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A new stand

So yesterday Moose, Angus, and I went squirrel hunting. Moose ran into the bionic squirrel: took 5 rounds of #6– kept getting back up and trying to climb the tree. Angus and I went out onto a finger ridge we seldom travel, and found a good spot for the ladder stand. While we were sizing … Continue reading