The shaman and the Old Turkey Hunter

I was over early to the old turkey hunter’s shop near Browningsville. It was still February, but almost not. It was past time for breakfast, but still time for a second cup of coffee. This was the perfect time for going visiting in the country. No one felt obliged to offer you a plate of whatever they had anymore, and no one felt bad if you said you were still full from your own. A cup of coffee is always welcome as is the company.

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The Role of Personal Ethics in Hunting

It seems that every time I go and knock Ted Nugent, I get blasted for being un-American, against the sport of hunting, and a general waste of good air.  So when I decided to comment on Ted’s latest missive on D&DH  Ethics Shmethics, I figured it was time to take a new tack.   In order … Continue reading

Who coined the silly term "hung up" ?

From Turkey and Turkey Hunting: ORIGINAL: TurkeyComander Who coined the silly term “hung up” ? I really don’t think it’s silly, but I do think it is often times a solvable state. At least it is something that was in your control at some point. It certainly is not a disease. If nothing else it … Continue reading

In the shamanic Reloading Cave

The shaman was busy at his reloading bench when he heard little Scooter come into his cave. “Mister Shaman?” “In here, Scooter.” said the shaman. “Jeepers, Mister Shaman.” said the boy. “What are you up to?” “I’ve been reading too many deer threads,” said the shaman, and I thought I would come here to chill … Continue reading

On the use of Turkey Decoys and Going Old School

From Turkey and Turkey Hunting — Not as Sporting…Are You Serious??? The Turkey Hunter at the Vegetorium Some of y’all remind me of the stories a buddy of mine used to tell. He was a cook at a vegetarian restaurant/store up near the University of Cincinnati. He used to listen to the various veggie-heads all … Continue reading

Evolution of a Hunter

For years now, I have been hearing about this Evolution of the Hunter. It just sticks in my craw. I do not think they have it right. According to the theory, hunters go through a series of steps. At first they want shooting opportunities, then they start looking to place various self-restrictions on their hunting, … Continue reading

The Savage Speaks Again

10 November, 2007 (Opening Day in Kentucky) 1600 EST It’s getting on past 4 PM. I just sent the rest of the family off. KYHillChick and Moose are heading back to the campground, Angus and Junior are on their way to the Jagendehutte. I’m staying at camp. I’m spent, but it’s a wonderful day out. … Continue reading

Brush Guns

From the If you go back and read what was being published back when the “Brush Buster” myth was running rampant you also see a lot of suggestions that shooting through a bush was an acceptable way to take game. I’ve got an O’Connor article from back in the mid-fifties that describes Jack shooting … Continue reading