PCR Comes to Ohio

It is my understanding that Pistol Cartridge Rifles will be allowed this coming year for deer hunting in Ohio Here was the first mention I saw of it: ODNR Division of Wildlife announces pistol caliber rifles for deer hunting This is terrific news for Buckeye Deer Hunters. From what I understand, the allowed cartridges will include everything that has been previously legal in a pistol. 357 Mag, 44 Mag, 45 LC and 45-70 will be allowed. I’ll post more as I find it. UPDATE: Here is more straight from ODNR: Ohio Wildlife Council to Consider Proposed Deer Hunting Dates and … Continue reading

Which is More? (a Rem 742 or a 30-06)

A while back, I got a hit on this weblog. Somebody had done a search on “Which is more a Rem 742 or a SPR 30-06?”  That one stuck with me. It was fairly ignorant, definitely naive, but it just would not leave my mind. It dawned on me this morning that it was the kind of question I was asking 30-some years ago. At that time, I was asking all sorts of stupid questions, and my buddies did their best to answer them. Therefore, before I hang up my deer hunting hat for the season and put on my … Continue reading

Loose Ends

Dang. Here it is almost Christmas, and I have not written a jot since November.  You will be wondering what has happened to me.  No, I did not fall into the alligator pit in front of the gun locker.  No, Scooter the Intern, did not go berserk on Oxy’s and shoot up the Black Hole Institute.  Thanks for the email, but no.  There is no truth to any of the rumors.  It was cold. I’ve been busy at the day job with a big project, and all the bad weather has kept me kind of low-energy. However, I have not … Continue reading

Shamanic Dream Team Scores Double-Header in KY Opener

We’re just in from the field with fuzzy windchimes hanging on the meatpole. Both Angus and I bagged bucks this morning. This was an average sort of Opener — average temperatures, an average number of shots. The weather was cool, but sunny.  Angus and Moose hunted together.  This is Angus’ last year hunting as a Yute. Moose decided not to buy a license this year and accompanied his younger brother unarmed. SuperCore went to the Jagendehutte.  I went to my usual stand at Campground.  Angust took his Mosin Nagant M44.  I went out with the Savage 99 in 308 WIN. … Continue reading

Last Minute Scouting

This was the last weekend before KY’s Rifle Opener.  If it was going to be done before the shooting started, it was going to have to be done before Sunday afternoon.  Angus and I went down to camp. Do to my schedule, I still did not have a rifle sighted in.  There was a big blow on Halloween night as a front came through, so we needed to check the stands one more time as well. Saturday afternoon I sorted gear while Angus went scouting.  I really like seeing him stepping up this year and starting to do things like … Continue reading

Additions to the Deer Battery

I have two new additions to the official shamanic deer battery. Both are customized Mausers from friends. One is a 8X57 K98 that I picked up from SuperCore, who was downsizing his inventory over the summer. Mauser 25-06 The other is O.T’s deer gun. My buddy O.T. is call it quits this year– just too old and tired to go schlepping through the hollows any more.     O.T. had an early-model 2X Aimpoint on the 25-06. Even though O.T. is in his eighties, his eyes are are considerably better than mine for distance work. I am also a good … Continue reading

The New Deer Rifle

Well, I’ve got a new deer rifle rifle– went down to the farm over the weekend to get it. I’d promised O.T. I’d be down first week in August for it. O.T. called earlier in the week to ask about my health, so I knew he hadn’t changed his mind. O.T. had a heck of a time getting the safe open. He blamed bad eyes, but it was obvious it more than that. He’s had his last hunt. We spent a long time talking about how it used to be. We were up on the front porch looking out over … Continue reading