The Whelenizer Makeover

The Whelenizer is back on the rack, I had a blast trying out my new cast loads down at camp over the weekend. I went with the idea of loading as I went, 5 rounds at a time, and I got a chance to survey all the territory between 42 grains and 50 grains of H4895. Accuracy was best between 42 and 44. I was able to break 2500 with 50 grains, however both the accuracy was poor and the velocities were all over the place. My conclusions are as follows: 1) 43 grains of H4895 gave consistent velocity and … Continue reading

News from the Shooting Bench

I have been working feverishly with new cast loads for my 35 cals. This past weekend, I finally got a chance to run them through the chronograph. 35 Whelen I pulled the Whelenizer out of the rotation last year in preference to my new 30-06 Ruger Hawkeye. This year, it was time to put it back in. I have been casting RCBS 35-200-FN with gas checks, and then powder coating them. My old Whelenizer load for the Rem 7600 was a 200 grain Rem CL over H4895, running at slightly reduced velocities– roughly equivalent to a 358 WIN. I started … Continue reading

Indiana Deer Rifle Changes Nixed

The word I have is that the Indiana DNR has pulled support for the recommendation that would have liberalized centerfire rifle restrictions in this year’s deer hunt. Board to vote on use of high-powered rifles for Indiana’s deer hunters See Indiana Deer Rifle Changes Nixed “We saw it as a social issue and since it was not societal acceptance for it overwhelmingly or opposed to it we have asked for it to be withdrawn,” said DNR spokesman Phil Bloom. The DNR says public hearings and community input shows the decision making process at work, but they’ve made it clear where … Continue reading

Shotgun Vs. Rifle

I have been getting a lot of flak over my recent article on Indiana moving to centerfire rifle for deer in 2015. Fewer, but still a few, folks have been complaining to me about Ohio’s move to Pistol Caliber Rifles (PCR). I would like to set the record straight. 1) If you really have a problem with either decision, I am not the one to be telling. Write your state representative. The truth is, Indiana and Ohio are on there way to the same point, allowing all centerfire rifles in their modern weapons seasons. It has been in the works … Continue reading

Tagging Out, 2014

In the past, tagging out seemed to be such a chore. By the time that last tag is on the line, I am usually thinking more about how much space there will be in the freezer than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’m pissing off the poor deer hunters in Pakistan that never see a deer, but if you hunt deer, you know that after the buck tag is filled there is that period of time in the year where you stop having the same thrill up your leg. That was yesterday. The only thing was this … Continue reading

Report from Deer Camp 2014

Deer Camp changes you. Every day I climb into the stand and think up a way to start this article, and every day I have tried to start it differently. Saturday, I would have been talking all about SuperCore’s big 8-pointer that he got at 0700. Sunday, I would have probably talked about dropping off Angus with his mom after hunting on his own for two days. The rest of the week, I would have written about jonesing on the pending blast of cold air, or the rain before, or all the encounters I had with deer I really did … Continue reading

Muzzleloader 2014

It has gotten so that our early KY Muzzleloader Season has become a dry run for Rifle Season here at camp. We do not have any Yutes at camp anymore, now that Angus is hunting on his own as an adult. So this past weekend was like a dress rehearsal, getting all the bugs worked out. I am sure that if a serious buck had walked out in front of us, he’d have been hanging on the pole, but normally early ML weekend has been a good time to get the gear in order, get our heads wrapped around the … Continue reading