Indiana Rule Changes for 2015– Centerfire Rifle!

I just got a tip that Indiana has approved the use of Centerfire Rifle in a much broader range of cartridges by removing the maximum length rule. Basically anything from 243 WIN to 45-70 will be legal. Suggested Readings: On Rifle Selection There was a time in my life when one deer rifle was all it took. Now I have a safe full of them, and I… So You’re Looking for a new Yute Rifle, Huh? I’m going to throw out some ideas on youth rifles for deer hunting. Maybe we’ll get a conversation going. Maybe not. This is just … Continue reading

On the Subject of Cheap Scopes

Up until recently, I considered myself a connoisseur of cheap scopes. Bushnell Banner was about as expensive as I’d go, and I’d shot probably most of my deer with $30 scopes. I’m reforming. I started after last season pulling off cheap scopes and putting on something better. I bought a Bushnell Elite 3-9X40 for my new Hawkeye and couple new Bushnell Banner 3-9X40 and  a Bushnell Trophy 4-12X40. I have to report they were all worth it. It’s because: 1) The clicks are not even. 1 click may be 1/4″, but 8 clicks might be more like 5 inches. 2) … Continue reading

First Shots with the Hawkeye

This had started out as a fun 3-day weekend at the farm.  It turned into a hard slog. However, I did get deer camp mowed and I did get to shoot some of the rifles I treated with Dyna Bore Coat.  I am impressed.  The point of the exercise was to get the new coating baked in by running a several rounds  through the rifles.  All of these rifles, most of them had new scopes on them as well, so we were not quite sure where they were going to shoot. Of the 4, the one I had the greatest … Continue reading

I Felt Like a Mad Scientist

A buddy of mine was a Jungian psychologist. They deal with archetypes and such. She always said that I was a Promethean type– a true hero mentality. I dunno about all that, but she did leave me some good Joseph Campbell tapes when she moved out. The setup for all this is based on my recent purchase of the Ruger Hawkeye.  As part of the deal, I decided to try Dyna Bore Coat. It was a new rifle, so I figured getting it down to the bare metal to apply the coating would not be all that hard. You can … Continue reading

Remembering the Monarch

The other day I was down at camp. There was not a whole lot to do. It was hot. I went in and sat in the recliner next to the air conditioner and tried to take a nap. I looked up and saw the mount of “The Monarch” and started reminiscing. As a coincidence the website stats put the story of that buck’s taking at the top of the chart showing what has been read on the weblog in the past 20 days. I guess after 10 years it is time to go back and revisit that story. I re-read … Continue reading

The Last 30-06 Arrives

Thursday Well, the shaman’s last 30-06 arrived. They called from Hibberd’s in Cleves. The rifle was in. I went over to pick it up. John slid out the box, and then it hit hit me: Exactly when did I do this last? It’s funny, but I could not figure out exactly when was the last time I went to a store and cracked open the box on a factory-new rifle. Was it 10 years ago? 15? I finally had to shove it out of my mind, because John was looking at me wondering why I wasn’t opening the box. I … Continue reading

Why a 30-06?

So shaman, you wait 30 years to buy a rifle. Why is it a 30-06? Oh, that’s an easy one.  First off, think back to 1984 and imagine a young, impressionable 20-something.  I had fallen in with a particularly hard-core cell of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  I was the kid of the group by about 20 years. There were a bunch of other guys, but among the principles were: Big Bob: A retired gun editor, good friends with Bill Ruger, Elmer Keith and the likes. Jerry: A ex-marine armorer with his own gun store. John: A veteran of The Bulge … Continue reading