Eight weeks and Counting

I just watched the countdown timer cross the 8-week mark. It’s now exactly 2 months to the start of Kentucky’s Modern Weapons Season.  I stayed home from the farm overnight. It was going to be hot and muggy and thunderstorms have been moving through since sundown Friday. I’ve been busy down in the shamanic reloading … Continue reading

So What Deer Rifles Are You Using, Shaman?

So what rifles are you using this year, Shaman? There have been a lot of changes to the deer battery this year. I just thought I would give y’all a quick rundown.   Mine: Savage 99, 308 WIN This is the same rifle I’ve been using for most every Opener since 2003. I’m still shooting … Continue reading

The shaman backs into a buck at Newstand

There have been many seasons that have ended out in the middle of a field somewhere, with me clutching an unused tag and railing at the heavens for the unfairness of it all. Then there would be the long drive home in the dark, trying to explain to myself how it was all still worth … Continue reading

What is my "goto" gun for Deer?

Somebody over at 24hourcampfire was asking the question: What is your goto gun for deer? Mine? I’ve been stretching my horizons over the past few years, experimenting with different pieces. I hunt both sides of the Ohio River; Ohio is a shotgun-only state and Kentucky is pretty wide-open for rifle restrictions. If I had to … Continue reading

The Savage Spoke and the Monarch of the Forest Fell

. . . or something like that. It sounds kind of goofy when you put it that way. Saturday morning started out colder than most, and definitely quieter. There was the constant drone of ATV’s and an occasional truck gate slamming, but this year it was much further off. A lot of the landowners had … Continue reading