Help Getting to My Stand

From Help getting to my stand, please TreeMutt Offline Member Hello, I have a really good spot for Whitetail hunting on a ridge overlooking a hollow. The problem is getting to my stand. I have about a two mile hike, then climb a low high wall, then up the hollow. I have gone in, … Continue reading

What did I learn?

Well, the freezer is full.  The rifles are about ready to be sent back to the secret underground storage facility. What did I learn? SODIUM BICARBONATE Well, for starters, I decided to push my baking soda regimen as far as I dared. The results? 1) The second rinse in the washer with sodium bicarb is … Continue reading

Come On! Really?

You know, the more I think about this whole Scent Lok thing the more annoyed I get. You figure an entire generation of hunters has been working under these assumptions about scent management. I am not saying scent management is bogus, but I am saying that Scent Lok and its ilk have certainly muddied the … Continue reading

Becoming a Hunting Curmudgeon

So I was showing KYHillChick the latest on Scent Lok, and letting her read the piece on building an outhouse next to my tree stand. She screwed up her face a little and said, “Why do you do that?” “What?” “You’re such a. . . you’re always such a . . .” We finally agreed … Continue reading

ScentLok Nailed! Scent Lok Litigation On May 13, 2010, United States Federal District Judge Kyle found that ALS, the manufacturer and seller of Scent Lok clothing, and Cabela’s and Gander Mountain, both of which sell Scent Lok and their own private-label clothing using Scent Lok technology, falsely advertised the ability of their Scent Lok clothing to … Continue reading

Deer and Wind

From Deer and Deer Hunting SHKYBoonie writes: I have been doing a little study of my own through the past 4 years. I have been keeping a very detailed journal of deer sightings on my farms in West KY. Now this is just observation from me and the couple of buddy’s that hunt with me. … Continue reading