On Improving Outdoor Magazines

My consumption of outdoor magazines has really dwindled over the past 10 years. Most of it is due to the ready access to free information that I am getting over the Internet. If someone wanted to really intrigue me with an article it would probably be: 1) An historical article: How did they do it … Continue reading

from the 24HourCampfire.Comwhitkid22 New MemberRegistered: 11/20/07Posts: 2 >Hi Shaman,I appreciate your kind words of advice. I can now see how overly complicated I can make this. I also appreciate the baking soda tip. I used to hunt as a kid only without a gun. I would follow deer around. I had a beautiful doe come … Continue reading

From KentuckyHunting.net DixieBoy22 which 30-06 bullet?What 30-06 bullet do you like best for deer? I’m thinking about 165 gr. nosler partitions this year, even though it is probably overkill. What will yall be shooting? I shoot 165 grain Hornady SP in all my .308 caliber rifles. It is absolutely devastating. I’m quite certain that it’s … Continue reading

Suit says clothes don’t pass smell test I saw this over at KentuckyHunting.net . Frankly, I was wondering when this was going to happen.You know, on the other hand, I used to have this shady friend named Crazy Pete. Pete was always just on the edge. Pete had this gimmick for getting women. He advertised … Continue reading

Super Double Secret Ultimate Outdoorsmen

From the 24hour Campfire: I’ve got a very strange hunting partner (deer -) he’s a new hunter and doesn’t have near the drive as anyone else I hunt with. Last year he called me on the radio at around 9:30 and said he was done. Turns out he had forgot his shells, went to the … Continue reading

Shotgun Wedding?

Suggested Readings: Indiana Passes New Deer Rifle Rules What the Indiana DNR failed to do in 2015, the Indiana Legislature has done in 2016. It’s official. Hoosiers will be able to hunt deer… Indiana Rule Changes for 2015– Centerfire Rifle! Update: 3/29/2016   What Indiana DNR failed to do the Indiana Legislature has accomplished.  See … Continue reading